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Nov. 23rd, 2004 @ 10:56 am
18 baby.

jobness!! Oct. 4th, 2004 @ 09:05 pm
woohooo!! im going for a job interview @ riverview wednesday!

rehab aide.

anywayz, car will be fixed soon.

Sep. 20th, 2004 @ 12:02 pm
i love pulpy orange juice.

dog bites... Sep. 6th, 2004 @ 07:35 pm
well, i had my first bloody call last night at 10pm. it was a dog attack. nasty. i dressed all the wounds too. blood all over, the guy was moaning in pain....

other than that, nothing really interesting.
sunday i saw the ash's and john at goodies and we chilled for like 5 mins. then ash gave me a ride home. i love her so much, she is so awesome.

i learned under the bridge by rhcp and pink bullets by the shins. two of my fav songs.
gave some more hand massages sat night. applied for a job at riverview and did absolutely nothing.

im now obsessed with scrubs, i dl'ed about all of the 3 seasons and its my fav show.
dare i say it, better than seinfeld.

zach braff is so cool. i want my hair like his.
i have the GARDEN STATE (best movie of all time) soundtrack if anyone wants it.

talking about hair, i need a change. any suggestions?

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: under the bridge - rhcp

sick Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 09:38 pm
what a bunch of sickos.
it will be remembered as the worst atrocity human history has ever known.

taken from http://www.thisislondon.com/news/articles/12844067?source=Evening%20Standard
-Anne Weyman, chief executive of the FPA (Family Planning Association) said: "It is good news that more abortions are taking place under 10 weeks and that there are higher rates of medical abortion. It is encouraging to see access to abortion speeded up and women being given a choice of methods.

"But again we see more figures exposing the desperate need for investment in NHS contraceptive services, including support for the professionals trying to run them."

A regional breakdown of the figures showed that London led the abortion league table, with 51,853 terminations. -
i love how they desensitize the public with terms like 'terminations'. she is in the family planning association, and talking about killing innocent infants. there is irony for you.

Current Mood: pissed
Other entries
» yay!

on another note, i accidentally dropped katie's camera and owe her like 200$. but thats ok.

nathan is gone. sniff.
my car isn't fixed yet.
and i need to find a higher paying job.

oh, and i played live music at indulgance cafe. it really sucked.

leave some love.

Are you wasting away in your skin
Are you missing the love of your kin
Nodding and melting and fading away

» sailing etc..
thurs night i went sailing with alicia.
it was an awesome time, which closed with italian ice at ritas. i again missed my opportunity, not because of darkness, but because of grandparents looking at me through the window.

must remember to kiss her BEFORE i get home. duh....

friday i went to nathans and saw maria full of grace (awesome movie) and manchurian candidate (not as good as the origional) then chilled in rb and the beach at 11pm with him and caroline.

thats about it.

here is some pro-bush sentiment....woot!Collapse )

» funfunfunfunfun
havent updated in a while.
lets see....
I went with alicia to her friends house to have 'game night' which was mad fun. we played uno, scattagories, twister and mad gab (of which i am a BEAST).
really cool ppl there, and kt was there. then about 11 alicia drove me home, and when we got to the door she was like ill walk you up. so, we walked up to the door and it was PITCH black...i couldent see her face. so i was like 'ummm....' so, only a hug, maybe next time.


I woke up and chilled until kt picked me up to go give blood, which was awesome, def a cool experience...no, i didnt faint....

then i got home and took a long nap.


i am not writing down alot of stuff, because it hasent entered into my head at this exact time. but if you talk to me, i can explain in detail, its only when i write.


yes, i do sign my name....but who doesnt sign their name in a real journal?

» first aid
well, i went on my first call. it was a fall victim downtown on one of the boats.

we took him to riverview....his feet smelled really bad.

tomorrow i dont give blood, i have a bloodborne pathogens class...my sister got the message wrong.

well, thats it.

» (No Subject)
its raining really hard.

i bought some sandals today, which is very unusual for me. i hate sandals.
but these are cool.

im going to give blood wednesday night, then go sailing thursday with alicia.
that would be so awesome.

i went to LBI friday and burt most of my body, so it hurts....sniff.

hmm, nothing else i think.

reminder, must try and convince rents to let me go have some chai with alicia...

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