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what a bunch of sickos.
it will be remembered as the worst atrocity human history has ever known.

taken from http://www.thisislondon.com/news/articles/12844067?source=Evening%20Standard
-Anne Weyman, chief executive of the FPA (Family Planning Association) said: "It is good news that more abortions are taking place under 10 weeks and that there are higher rates of medical abortion. It is encouraging to see access to abortion speeded up and women being given a choice of methods.

"But again we see more figures exposing the desperate need for investment in NHS contraceptive services, including support for the professionals trying to run them."

A regional breakdown of the figures showed that London led the abortion league table, with 51,853 terminations. -
i love how they desensitize the public with terms like 'terminations'. she is in the family planning association, and talking about killing innocent infants. there is irony for you.

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