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Jul. 3rd, 2004 @ 09:46 pm
a quote from kerry....notice the dairy farm...and then he talks about plowing. never knew you had to plow cows...

Kerry also told the audience that "this kid from the East" had an aunt and uncle who lived on a dairy farm that he visited often when he was young. He also claimed that "one of his greatest joys in life" as a 12-year-old was plowing fields on his their John Deere tractor.

"I learned my first cuss word sitting on a tractor from the guy who was driving it," he said as the crowd chuckled. "And I learned as a kid what it was like to look in back of me, and see those rows, and see that pattern, and feel the sense of accomplishment. And end up dusty and dirty, tired but feeling great."

Jul. 1st, 2004 @ 04:33 pm
for anyone who cares...
i will be in the dunk tank down at the fair tonite from 6-10 for the first aid squad. come by and dunk me.

Jun. 29th, 2004 @ 01:10 pm
ok, from the top.

woke up late, went to the convention where my dad took me to the airport for a filght that left at 3. in the airport i accidentally pushed the lock keys button on my moms celly, and didnt know the code. proceeded to call my dad on a payphone and found out that she never set the code (new phone).
first plane ride...blahblahblah.
got on campus around 5, ate at chick fila.
called verizon tech support and got the code.
went to the girls dorm and saw sheridon from the bus trip.
my first instinct was to hug her, so i did, and all the counselors looked at my with killer eyes (physical contact is not allowed. like i was gonna obey that rule....)

watched finding nemo, went to bed.

woke up, went to church.
as we were leaving we kinda scraped a car....
so my celly was used to call the insurance company.

got back, met some cool ppl.

sunday night we had our first session. i was already sizing up the competition.

there was none.

it was really stupid, cuz we had to line up alphabetically, then sit down in that order.

really boring lecture...blahblahblah.

we went to a shooting range and saw a SWAT demonstration.
got flashbanged.

went to a lecture about csi kinda stuff, pretty cool.

had another lecture about car stops. funny instructor, cool guy.

got to know most of the people now, most of them were cool.

we went to the Greenville county courthouse and met prosecutors that worked there. They were really cool, and they told us a lot of interesting stuff.
We had a mock trial thing after that, and I was the defense with my friend steve.

I kicked butt, and won.

Then we went to this K9 demonstration, where we got to smell weed, and saw the attack dog.
Really cool.

That night we had a ballistics fingerprinting class, where we learned how they match bullets to guns. It was kinda cool in the beginning, but it got really lame after a while.

ahh, the scary day.

We went to a max security prison
Very scary place.
We passed this serial killer who killed his wife and kids and used their heads for soccer balls.
Like right next to him, he was sitting on the bench near us.

I got whistled at, and some guy licked his lips at mereally nasty.

Then we ate at this picnic place rite outside the prison, and we got to put handcuffs and leg irons on each other.

At night we had a lecture from this cop, who was really cool.
That was fun

we had a class by the coroner and accident reconstructionist of Greenville, so we saw a lot of gory picturesreally gross.

Then a HORRIBLY BORING lecture from this old guy who was in charge of probation, parole and pardon.
It was torture..

After lunch we all got to practice entering and clearing a room like a swat team, really stupid and long. Kinda funny tho.

Then after dinner we had a DARE guy come in and give us a lecture, which was kinda stupid.

last day of camp.

Went to the Greenville law enforcement center and crime lab. The crime lab was awesome.

Then it was over.

Im leaving out major things about the god times I had with the people there, but ill save that for later if at all.

It was an awesome camp, and I had a really good time.
They have a really good criminal justice program there, so ill prolly go to school next year at BJU.

camp.... Jun. 28th, 2004 @ 10:53 am
making my camp entry...will have it up soon.
gotta work on my car.

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Jun. 14th, 2004 @ 11:51 am
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now that is scary, because i did...
Other entries
» sweet....
very sweet weekend.

went to nathans about 5, listening to AC/DC in the car...
then we chilled till about 630, and went to RB.
I played this ORGASMIC sunburst Les Paul....yes, ORGASMIC!!
then we met teesha and pixie (yes, those are their names...)
chilled for about 6 hours, had good times.

got back to his house at 12, watched bruce almighty (jim carry=the best)
until 2.

woke up at 9:30, went to his church to cut some paper stuff, leaves. and make some crafts for little kids or something.

went to work at 3, great times with Kacey, ashleigh and ashley.

oh, and i learnedincubus - deep inside acoustic....hellz yeh.

anywayz, thats my update.

» where is donnie?

need i say more?

» the end and the beginning...
well, my class is done. I dont know if i passed the test until the end of june, but i think i did REALLY good. my car is up on jacks waiting to be fixed, which shouldent take too long. i hope.
i decided the number in the shower today, its gonna be 2. yes, 2. i was leaning most toward 3, but i decided against that yesterday. i decide alot of things in the shower, its like a holy place or something. or at least a place where it is quiet enough to think.

i might see troy today, or i might get a haircut.

I have my first aid meeting tonite.

the end.

some pics of my car...Collapse )

» (No Subject)
slow day in the ER, really boring. Not fun at all. Saw a really natsy bed sore that was down to the bone though....
and i left my books in my friends car, and i wont see him till monday in class....so no studying. got an 86% on the REALLY hard test.
i got a car!! ill upload pics later.


» (No Subject)
im twitterpated. (for those that dont know, watch bambi)
hehe, work was awesome.

; - D

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